The Alt Prov Group work with local authorities, schools, teachers, parents and social-care institutes to engage young people in learning and help them stay positive about their future.

We provide safe places – both on and offsite – for young people to re-engage in their learning.

Our Mission

The Alt Prov Group help young people thrive in life, we use positive behaviour support, wellbeing and mental health strategies to help them do exactly that.  We strive to build a trusting relationship with young people, parents schools and professional to Engage young people in their learning.

Our tailored physical and SEMH programme focuses on each individuals interests to ensure minds are challenged and they are Motivated at all times.

Everything we do is aimed at Empowering young people to become reflective, self motivated and confident whilst ensuring they are better prepared for life socially, morally and in line with the a British Values.

The Alt Prov

We work with young people who aren’t flourishing in a mainstream classroom, whether their additional support needs stem from disabilities, mental health experiences or behavioural problems, for some sadly this can, without support lead to being excluded from school, or isolated in home education.

The Practical Approach

T.P.A helps children and young people build their confidence and communication skills in a creative manner. Using many different genres of creativity such as; Singing, Dancing, Social Media, Makeup, Photography and Fashion. T.P.A works holistically with each individual.

The Pathway

At The Pathway, our mission is to prepare our young people to support themselves in work and to thrive in life and beyond, using sport to improve physical and mental health and to teach important life skills that relate to each individual.

The Positive Impact

The Positive Impact deliver bespoke programs in a hands-on, no-nonsense and highly engaging manner using a wealth of real-world experience. The results speak for themselves as shown in the numerous testimonials about the life-changing impact of our services.